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Creative, proactive attitude towards life

How we create our life largely depends on patterns we took over from our parents as socially desirable, family accepted norms of behavior, and life goals on which we formed a self-image and attitude towards ourselves and others.

Some of the determinants of creative, proactive attitude towards life are: feeling confident about yourself, positive self-image, recognition of needs and their free expression, taking responsibility for our behavior, self reliance, building relationship independent of others, freedom of choice and decision-making, ability to find constructive solutions to crisis situations, coping with problems, an appropriate choice of occupation and partner, the ability to enjoy the work, achieving balance between obligations and free time.

The family role

All above mentioned can be learned and taken from parents if the family has enough warmth, understanding and willingness to recognize and respond to child's needs in order to build a healthy relationship between family members. At the same time family should provide sufficient support to encourage child’s independence among family members. When family do not fully respond to these demands therapy can help in developing a creative attitude towards life, both for children and adults.

How can psychotherapy help?

Psychotherapy encourages the development of the proactive attitude towards life, in terms of striving to achieve self-awareness.

You can visit psychotherapist even when you do not have psychological problems but want to learn how to live better, healthier life, how to be personally and professionally satisfied and successful.

A therapist can act as a participant, supporter and life couch to the clients in an effort to achieve desired changes in the process of improving the quality of life, and to foster growth in personal and professional development.

After successful completion of psychotherapy people become comfortable with themselves, willing to deal with difficulties, they can easily understand others and achieve healthy relationship.

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