Counseling programme

Ask for our help when you have:

Marital or partner conflict

  • Harmony in marriage or relationship depends on mutual reconciling of differences. Ask for our help if you have problems in reconciling;
  • If you are dissatisfied with your sex life;
  • When you are concerned with personal sexual problems and dysfunctions;

Family problems

  • Call us when you as a parent have trouble harmonizing different upbringing methods;
  • When you are worried about developmental difficulties of your children regarding motivation for learning, socializing, attitude toward authorities, love;

Difficulties in communication

  • Anxiety during public appearances or evaluation of your business or learning results;
  • Social anxiety - uneasiness in communication with other people within family, intimate and sex relationships, with friends, professors, bosses;
  • If you are self-contained - having difficulties in starting conversation;

Emotional problems

  • Great oscillations in mood and emotion swings;
  • Difficulties in achieving and maintaining emotional control;
  • Difficulties in choosing the partner and emotional exchange with them;
  • Stress effects on health - insomnia, headaches, and other psychosomatic conditions;
  • Delays or crisis in your life when you lose your confidence, you are hesitant, fearful, tense, depressed, feeling lonely and less valuable ...

Professional problems

  • Stress at work, difficulties with colleagues, bosses;

  • Difficulties in performing professional duties and difficulties in getting a promotion;

Need for the use of hypnosis to efficiently resolve:

  • General anxiety;
  • Various forms of social anxiety (blocking jitters) in public appearances among pupils, students, professionals;
  • Problems with memory, concentration and motivation to learn;
  • Nocturnal enuresis;
  • Tics;
  • Stammering;
  • Overcoming addition to smoking;
  • Losing extra bodyweight;

When you do not have mental problems, and you want to learn how to live better, healthier, to be personally and professionally successful.